CTRL Health

Here's a sampling of Isaac's design work for CTRL Health:

/ circa 2015-16 /


Full-Color Logo

The full color logo is strong and familiar. The word "control" is visually represented by the "control" button, which helps the viewer, at first glance, understand technology is used to help control their health.

The color palette is familiar, yet distinctive. Colors translate well between RGB and CMYK, and the color scheme is meant to evoke calmness, with a "refreshingly new" feeling and approach.


full-color branded icon


This full color branded icon was was designed for use on all social channels that require a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Full-color PRoduct Logo

The Symphony™ brand and logo were created specifically for CTRL Health's telemedicine product. The name Symphony describes how the application orchestrates traditionally disparate (and often conflicting) tools that create a cacophony of noise, creating a harmonic patient/healthcare experience.

The patient homescreen

This asset is used on the website to depict the company's product focus. Careful consideration was applied to the iPhone and its shading, as well as to product colors and the selected screenshot to help the visitor feel comfortable and in control of their health data.


The infographic above is a piece of marketing collateral used to convey the value proposition of one CTRL Health product, Symphony™.


All original images, wireframes, color-palettes, icons, styles and general artwork created by Isaac Naor, property of CTRL Health.


Cubed, Inc.

Here's a sampling of Isaac's design work for Cubed, Inc:

 / circa 2013-14 /


Product Logo

The logo has strong, yet simple, clean and elegant visual representation with carefully selected typography. It's familiar, yet distinctive, and immediately hints at what the product is: a 3D, cube-based social network and mobile OS. This logo and all other assets on this page were designed in 2014.


Mobile app icon


The mobile app icon was meant to be unique and empowering, almost instigating a revolution. It's a protest against mediocrity. A mobile first tool that empowers everyone to socialize like never before, create mobile-first websites in seconds and exchange currency in over 36 countries with a platform that's available on iOS, Android and on the web (HTML5), localized in 12 languages. The app icon was also used as avatar icon for social networks for a limited time.

The spectrum color effect is applied to every branded icon to show that anything cubed is broken down into is various facets, much like a prism, and comes out more beautiful than it was originally. 

Artwork: "anything's better cubed"

A great deal of branded artwork was created to enhance and empower a new kind of corporate culture. This icon implies that anything is better when it's cubed.

the "anonymous cuber"

This "anonymous cuber" was the default avatar used for new users (or "cubers", as they were called), if they chose not to upload a new user image. It pays homage to the "no content available" screens from traditional UHF broadcast TV days, and bears the delightfully simple "anything's better cubed" heart icon on the breast.

ARTwork: "clarity over clutter"

This asset was used to convey one core value: we value clarity over clutter.


This powerful asset was created to convey how important collaboration is. It's name says it all.


All original images and artwork created by Isaac Naor, property of Cubed, Inc. Screenshots from the product/platform were not permitted to be shared, therefore they are not included here.


Random samples

Here are a few samples designed for agency partners:

/ CIRCA 2012-13 /


There's just one more thing...

Throughout his career, Isaac has also built creative assets, ad campaigns, micro-sites and interactive ad units for the following brands, to name a few: