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A designer, inventor, futurist and entrepreneur, Isaac innovates with one end goal: to challenge crucial limitations in industries that impact us most.



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After over a decade of leadership in mobile advertising + application design/development, and a brief tenure in med-tech, Naor has now established himself as a pioneering voice in the virtual reality/mixed reality space, while simultaneously designing as high-end mobile + VR applications as he can get his hands on. His primary projects focus on digitally-augmented and virtualized experiences, next generation mixed reality experiences controlled by biofeedback, and wellness through consciousness hacking.

Naor was a founding member at Control Health and Chief Innovation Officer at ūzeVR, where the technologist leads teams developing biometric sensory enhanced mixed hardware + software products.

Guided by his multifaceted background, Naor ensures these products reflect the principles of intuitive design, simple and delightful user experiences, and the fundamentals of effective mobile advertising. He is acclaimed for bringing tried-and-true paradigms, and a fresh perspective, to industries that historically lack innovation. 

Naor continues to be a recognized leader in mobile platform design + development. As Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ping Mobile, Naor expanded the salability and efficiency of mobile marketing platforms and services for clients including Fortune 1000s. Naor’s notable projects included hyperlocal mobile rich-media campaigns that doubled interaction rates; text message-based CRM platforms that allowed tier-one mobile carriers and their SMB clients to connect with audiences on both personal and scalable terms; and an industry-first 3D mobile app and user interface that evolved into the framework of a touch-optimized operating system.

Naor spent more than a decade immersed in Venice Beach’s community of tech innovators, including a brief period in Downtown Las Vegas's tech scene. Throughout his career, Naor has lent his creative technology expertise and trend forecasting insight to publications including CNBC,  The New York Times, Mobile Marketer and Cisco Blogs.

Naor also has one issued US patent (as of January, 2017), two pending US patents and one pending continuation patent.

Isaac was recently featured in episode 70 of the Your Startup Advisors podcast, recorded live at Apple's #WWDC. Click here to listen on iTunes, or click here to leave this site to listen on the web. Isaac was also featured on episodes 62 and 53.

(featured on CNBC and shared over 10K times)!



"Isaac is a joy to work with. He has boundless amounts of energy, is personable, reliable and his work is exemplary. Isaac is a highly creative, out-of-the-box thinker with a keen knack for delivering innovative solutions."

-Regina H.

"In working with Isaac over the last few years I have had the great pleasure of getting to know him professionally and personally. He consistently displays dedication, excitement and integrity in his work. This coupled with extensive knowledge of the digital marketplace and a sharp understanding of mobile makes Isaac an outstanding resource for clients. His ability to develop strategic and customized plans for clients based on their needs helps the company as a whole stand out among the competition. Isaac is a joy to work with and I look forward to a continued professional relationship."

-Candice M.

"While working closely with Isaac to create custom solutions for Cox Media and our clients, I found that Isaac is extremely creative, innovative and I applaud his professionalism. He was a pleasure to work with and was a trusted go-to partner for me while working with his company. His enthusiasm for technology and his business are impressive and I can always count on him to be in front of the curve and take notice of what is happening in the industry."

-Cheryl R.